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Icy paws is here to offer quality gear for all sorts of Animal-related activities, as well as the general pets, bringing to you the customer, some of the best equipment from around the world.
It doesn't matter if you and your pets are at top-class compition level, a novice team or you just enjoy spending time with your animal companions, we have everything you could possibly need and more,
We specialise in sled dog activities such as bikejoring/dog scootering, trekking, cani-cross or dog showing you well be able to find whatever you need to kit yourselves and your dogs out for these activities.
As well as high-quality dog gear for the very active dogs, we also offer equipment for pet dogs, as well as the competitive show dogs, we now also offer all equine, feline, aquatic, rodents and exotic pet gear along with gifts and novality pet items too.

So have a browse around and any suggestions are always welcome! 

Icy paws bring to you some of the best animal related products from around the world so you can have the opportunity to use quality products for yourselves, and at the right price. While many of the products we specialise in are designed specifically for sled dog related activities such as sled racing, caniX, dog scootering, rig racing, bikejoring or skijoring, many are also used by pet owners who require quality products to exercise their dogs.

And whilst most of our sled dog products are designed for sled dogs which include Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Canadian Eskimo, Greenland dogs and Samoyeds, Alasken Huskies there are many other types of dogs such as GSP’s, Labradors, German shepards etc… that can also benefit from using these products in the wide variety of activities they cover from dog scootering to tracking or even carting.

For the pet dog and show dog market, we have a range of high quality leads, collars and walking / tracking harnesses suitable for virtually every type of dog in a range of webbing styles and colours, these products are all sourced from top quality suppliers all over the world which have been tested in some of the most extreme conditions as well as being tried and tested by my own pack.

For the pet cat or show cat we have beds, collars, harnesses & leads along with treats, food and supplements as well as toys and entainment for all your felines needs.

For the horse and rider we stock head collars, bridles, sadles, rugs, grooming equipment, suppliements, stable and yard equipment and clothes and riding gear for you the rider.

For the rodents and small furries we stock cages, food and supplements, bedding and housing etc...

for the Aquatic and exsotic pets we stock housing, tanks, lighting, decor, pumps, and food and supplements etc...

We also carry a wide range of gifts and novality pet/animal gifts for the mushing enthusiast; horse lovers, fish enthusiast etc... so whether you just own them, compete with them or just love them, here is your one-stop animal  resource store!

We value suggestions and requests from our customers and firmly believe if you need it for your animal/pet, so will someone else for theirs! Whilst we specialise in working dogs we cater for everyone's pet/animals the aim is that we should all enjoy and have fun with our animals. We attend some sled dog race meets and dog shows if you want to meet us in person. 

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